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Why do prescribed drugs become a problem?

Doctors have reinforced that while there're many specialized in helping those with a drug abuse problem involving illegal drugs, people stuck on prescription medication have nowhere to show. Prescription drugs are often misunderstood because we’re told to require them by a trusted professional due to this, we assume they’re perfectly safe and in many cases, users don’t even recognise they need a drag.

Addiction to prescription painkillers, like opioids often begins after injury or surgery when a patient has been prescribed them. While opioids are very effective at relieving pain, the matter is that we build up a tolerance to them very quickly. What’s more, these drugs increase nerve sensitivity, meaning that previous, non-painful stimuli become painful with long-term use. It then becomes a vicious circle as patients got to take more medicine to assist them affect the pain.

There are variety of other reasons an individual may become hooked in to the medication they need been taking. Although it can happen to anyone, some factors do increase your chances of becoming susceptible to prescription abuse including

If you currently or have previously suffered from another addiction, you’re at a better risk of becoming hooked in to prescribed drugs in Texas.

If you've got relations with addiction problems, your likelihood is that also higher. This might be because you've got inherited genes which cause you to more likely to become addicted.

Those who have experienced childhood trauma like physical or sexual assault, violence or losing a parent, may address drug abuse as a coping mechanism and begin to develop prescription medication abuse symptoms.

Signs of prescription addiction

You’re constantly brooding about your medication - you'll become preoccupied with once you can take your next dose and whether your supply is enough.

You’ve stopped following your doctor’s advice and take your medication more often than recommended.

You want to vary doctor because yours if refusing to prescribe you more pills.

You get your medication from other sources, albeit it’s unsafe in Texas.

While some conditions require long-term medication, others don’t. If you’re still taking pain relief for a broken bone that healed six months ago for instance, this might be a symbol of a drag.

You’re almost yourself. An addiction can affect us both mentally and physically. Perhaps you’re not taking care of yourself the way you want to, you’ve stopped caring about personal hygiene or you’re affected by mood swings. You'll also end up getting more angry than usual, neglecting responsibilities and sleeping or eating habits can also change.

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